Mailing Address:  PO Box 1300 Lincoln,  NH   03251   

Physical and Delivery address:  218 US Route 3   Lincoln, NH 03251    

Lincoln, NH 


We are open from Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend!

Frequently Asked Questions

   We know you are very busy and trying to find the time to call or email can be a challenge. Below are some answers to your most frequently asked Questions. It is our hope that you are able to find the answers you're looking for here. If the answer is not here, feel free to contact us by email anytime or by phone (up until 8 PM). We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What address should you put in your GPS?

Our actual address is 218 Daniel Webster Highway (US Route 3) Lincoln, NH 03251 Or you can try Country Bumpkins Campground Cottage Rd. Google maps has been sending guests to Exit 24. DO NOT TAKE EXIT 24!! We are located 1/2 mile from exit 33 off of 93. 

Click here to get actual directions!

Do we have WiFi?

Yes. It was upgraded for the 2017 season! The wifi does reach every campsite and cabin. Just ask for the password at arrival.

What are the Check-in and Check-out times?

Check-in time for the Cabins and Trailer rental is from 2 PM until 9 PM (10 PM on Friday and Saturday)

Check-out time for the Cabins and trailer rentals is before 10AM. We are sorry but we are not able to offer late check-outs.

Check-in time for the Campground is from 12 noon until 9 PM (10 PM on Friday and Saturday)

Check-out time for the Campground is before 11 AM.

Campground only:  Day Visitors can check in at 12 noon and must depart before 8 PM. Overnight visitors can check in at 12 noon or later and must depart by 11 am. We do not allow visitors at our cabins or trailer rental.

What is our Visitor Policy?

We have a 'NO VISITOR' policy in our cabins and trailer rental. If you have family or friends that are in the area or even staying in our campground, we can not allow them to visit at or in your cabin or trailer rental. Please understand that if someone comes here to visit you, we can not allow them to. We want you to know this before you make a reservation because we are not able to make any exceptions once you arrive.

For the Campground: All visitors and their cars must be registered as soon as they arrive. There is a charge for visitors that must be paid at that time. The registered guest is responsible for this. Day visitors must check out at the office and depart by 8 PM. Note: we only allow one car per site. Arrangements will be made at that time for the visitor’s car. Every vehicle must display a valid car pass. Day visitors staying past 8 pm are considered overnight guests and must pay the fee for that instead of the day fee. We do run out of space in our 'Visitor' parking and they are assigned on a 'first come, first serve' basis. If we do not have room for an extra car, we will give you directions to the Lincoln Police Dept. They will let you know where you can park the car in town.

Check-in for Visitors and Extra people starts at 12 noon. Overnight visitors must depart by 11 am or will be required to pay the day fee and reregister for the day. 

What is our Deposit and Refund Policy?

Deposit Policy - Reservations are guaranteed therefore we require a deposit when a reservation is made. Deposits are equal to one night or 25% of the subtotal (whichever amount is higher). For resservations made in January, February,March and April, deposits will need to be sent by check or money order within 14 days of the date you make the reservation. If you are outside the US, we will make other arrangements for your deposit. Just let us know.

Checks and Money orders can be mailed to: Country Bumpkins LLC ,PO Box 1300, Lincoln, NH 03251. Make sure to make a note of your reservation dates on the check.

Cancellation Policy - We have a 7 day cancellation policy. If a reservation is cancelled 7 or more days before your arrival date, a refund of your deposit will be given minus a 10% cancellation fee (or $10.00 minimum for a cabin/trailer rental, $5.00 minimum for campsites), whichever amount is higher. Refunds are not issued for reservations that are cancelled less than 7 days before your arrival date. Deposits are not refundable if a reservation is made less than 7 days before an arrival date.

No refunds for early departures.

Do we have a swimming pool? 

No, we do not have a swimming pool. You can go wading in the river. It is not very deep but it's great for splashing around to cool off in the summer months.There is no lifeguard on duty. Adult supervision is highly recommended whenever children are at or in the river. There are a couple natural swimming holes in the area. There is also a beach at Echo Lake State Park off Exit 34C in Franconia Notch - about 10 minutes from here.

Will you receive a confirmation for your reservation?

If you reserve a cabin or travel trailer rental, we will send you a confirmation by email or Postal mail if you don't have email. If you have rented a campsite for a tent or an RV, we don't send a confirmation unless specifically requested by the guest.

Note: From January 1st through April 30th, we will send a confirmation to everyone. Starting May 1st, we will only send confirmations for cabin/trailer rentals unless you request one.

 What do you need to bring if you're renting one of our Cabins or Trailers?

All of our rentals (except cabin #2) have cooking facilities (some with an oven). We provide the basic dishes and silverware, coffee maker, toaster, 7 piece pan set, a dish towel and dish soap in the kitchens. Each unit has a refrigerator and a small freezer, some have a microwave. If you are planning to cook outside on an open fire or a gas grill, you will have to bring your own pans and BBQ utensils for that. Some guests do bring a small portable grill for cooking outside which is fine.

Cabin #2 and #4 have a charcoal grill outside but please keep in mind that if you have any dishes for cooking outside of cabin #2,you will have to wash them at the sink outside the bathhouse in the campground (a very short walk away).

We provide bedding for the Master Bedrooms only. You will need to bring pillows and bedding (or sleeping bags) for sofa beds, sleep sofas, futons or bunk beds if anyone in your party will be using those extra beds.

We provide a towel set for each person in your party. These will be replaced daily if needed. You will need to bring beach towels if you plan on going swimming during your stay.

We do provide toilet paper and small bars of soap.

Do our Trailer Rentals and Cabins have heat?

Yes they do.

Do our Trailer Rentals and Cabins have Air Conditioning?

Our cabins do not have air conditioning.The Trailer Rental has optional Air Conditioning at an additional charge of $10.00 per day. Each rental unit does have a fan.

Do we allow pets in our Trailer Rentals and Cabins?

We do allow one small dog (up to 30 pounds only) in some of our rentals. We will not allow more than one dog or dogs larger than 30 pounds. We do not allow cats, Rotweilers, PitBulls (American Staffordshire or Staffordshire Bull Terriers) or Doberman Pinscher dogs. We do not allow any dogs in Trailer #1 or Cabin #2. Click here for our Pet Policy.

Can you bring your own firewood?

State law prohibits firewood from any other state being brought into NH. We sell firewood at the store for your convenience.