Physical and Delivery address:  218 US Route 3   Lincoln, NH 03251    

Country Bumpkins' Policies for Cabin and Trailer Rentals

Please read all the information below before you make a reservation with us. There are many rules, set in place for the safety and comfort of ALL our guests and the preservation of our "small house" cabins.  Please read this full set of rules and policies to see if staying here will work for your family. 

We have a strict 'NO VISITOR' policy in or at our cabins and trailer rental. If you have family or friends in the area or even staying in our campground, we can not allow them to visit at or in your cabin or trailer rental. Please understand that if someone comes here to visit you, we will not allow them entry. No exceptions.

We only allow a certain number of people in each of our rentals. Each person in the cabin or trailer must be included in your original registration and confirmation. Any unregistered cabin or trailer guest, at or in a cabin or the Trailer, will automatically result in a police report and eviction, based on Theft of Services and Trespassing.

Check-in is AFTER 2 pm.  Please register BEFORE parking at a cabin.  If you will arrive after store hours, please let us know so a packet will be on the store front.

Check-out time is BEFORE 10 am, in order to ready the cabins for the next guests by 2 pmPlease bring the key(s) to the office before you depart. If you plan to depart before the store opens, let us know and we will let you know where to leave the key.  Late check-outs are not an option.

QUIET HOURS are 10 pm to 8 am.

Playground use is 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Smoking is outdoors only, where ashtrays and "BUTTS" buckets are provided. Please DO NOT smoke even in carpeted screen porches (cabin 4) or bathrooms or the bathhouse. 

Bears and other wildlife wander the property on occasion. Keep outside of your cabin or travel trailer clean and free of trash. Keep your food and coolers inside. Never approach wildlife!

Speed Limit is 5 mph. CAUTION: “Children at play”. Pedestrians have the right of way.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times, may not be at beach or water access, and may not be left unattended. When you leave the cabin, you must take them with you, or crate them.  It is your responsibility to pick up after them. We cannot allow dogs that bark constantly as this will disturb other guests. Owners are fully responsible for their pets’ actions.

FISHING is allowed in the river and brooks with the required state license.  The Pemigewasset is stocked by NH, and the dates are posted online. 

Do not move any rocks in or around the river. This causes flooding of the campground and can be dangerous. It is highly recommended that children be supervised at and in the water. Swimming and wading in the river and brooks is at your own risk.  Children are NEVER to throw anything, including rocks, at our PET ducks!

Fireplaces and fire rings may NOT be moved for any reason.  Fires must be kept at a safe level and be attended at all times. The pots and pans that we provide in the cabins and travel trailer are for indoor use ONLY. Please do NOT use ours on a fire, or blacken our cabins with fire soot from the bottoms of your own pans, either.  Foil pans are sold in our store for this purpose if you need them.  

FIREWOOD is sold at the store during store hours only, for your convenience. No cutting, damaging or breaking of trees (dead or alive), shrubs, picnic tables or any other personal property. Let us know at arrival if your picnic table is damaged.  Purposeful damage to our trees is vandalism, and a police report will accompany your eviction. 

Children - it is Highly Recommended that children be supervised on the entire property, especially at water.  The registered adult for each rental unit is responsible for their children and all members of their party.  Children should be supervised in the restrooms, gameroom and playground.  No food or drink is allowed in the gameroom. Sitting or standing on games, occupying or running through others' sites, and yelling or screaming are disruptive and unacceptable. Any parent allowing their children to be a nuisance will be asked to leave.  No bicycling in the campground after dusk.  Children should be at their own sites during quiet hours. 

The registered adult for each rental unit is responsible for their children and all members of their party. It is Highly Recommended that children be supervised in the restrooms, game room and the playground. No food or drink allowed in the game room. No sitting or standing on games. Any parent allowing their children to be a nuisance will be asked to leave. No bicycling in the campground after dusk.

No fireworks or slingshots ever!

Trespassing, Theft and Theft of Services, and Property damage will lead to immediate eviction, a police report and prosecution of the registered guest.  Trespassing is entering the property without registering or permission from the owners.  Theft includes taking anything home from our property that you did not bring or buy.  Theft of Services is a common legal term which includes, but is not limited to, using electric for any purpose at a site other than your own, parking on a site not registered to you, cooking in a cabin or the Trailer for campground occupants, or harboring unregistered (trespassing) guests.  Property Damage includes vandalism, defacing, cutting or harming any of our furnishings, trees and plants, or property at this address. 

Public Nuisance/Illegal Behaviors - Intoxication, obscenity, vulgarity and harassment are not tolerated.  We allow alcohol in moderation.  We will not approach anyone acting in a disorderly manner.  Local and/or state police will handle a police report and immediate eviction.  Please report any activity disturbing other guests to the office at once.  Emergency numbers as well as an 'After hours' are posted on the office/store door after business hours and on the map you received at arrival.  An emergency phone is available at the office during business hours.  

Our family takes pride in personally maintaining our cabins and Trailer, campground and facilities as clean and comfortable as possible for our guests. If this cabin or travel trailer is not satisfactory at arrival, please let us know right away. Your cooperation in helping us by checking out on time is greatly appreciated. Your cooperation in helping us to maintain the above rules will result in a more comfortable environment and enjoyable experience for everyone. This property is privately owned, and the owner reserves the right to evict anyone for any infraction of the rules or for any other reason where safety is an issue. The owners assume no responsibility for loss, injury or damage due to an Act of God, theft, accident, or the negligence of yourself or others.

Thanks again for choosing Country Bumpkins for your vacation getaway. We hope your stay is a pleasant one. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated, as they may help us to serve you better in the future!


 Our family looks forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your family!!